Aliyah – How is Israel a solution? (English)

Article in Times of Israel

For days now I am going in circles, like a caged lion, the keyboard itches me, cries are shut down in my throat and don’t come out …Like everyone else, I am shocked by the events of the last week in Paris … My thoughts are with you, my brothers and sisters Jews of France, in these moments of grief, infinite sadness and rage…

But something else is happening in my head, and I would like to share with you my questions …

Predictably, the response of all before the tragedy and horror is « Leave France! Come in Israel »

Some are driven by a fervent idealism, others put it at the service of their political interests, but all clearly have good intentions …

However, if the goal is to provide physical security to the Jews of France, I would like to understand how Israel is a solution?

Have we already forgotten the sirens of the last war, which forced us to take refuge in shelters? Or buses that threaten to explode without warning at any time of the day? And the threat of chemical weapon? Is our memory so short? Have we already forgotten the constant threat pointed at Israel?

Since when has Israel become a solution to the security problems of jews? If there is indeed a country sitting on a time bomb, it is Israel …

So why consider it as a safe option? Why give the illusion that if we change the landmarks, the problem will be solved? Why give false hope to the Jews of France that their children will be safer in Israel?

Simply because we are not talking about physical security here, but rather about identity and existential place for all the Jews in the world.

When a Jew dies of a traffic accident – in Israel or elsewhere – it’s sad, but we accept it because that’s life …. When a Jew is assassinated because he is a Jew, it is not only a human being that dies, but it is a part of the Jewish People who is murdered with him.

Israel is indeed the land of the Jews, but Israel is not the country where Jews are safe.

Jews of France … if you decide to make your Alya, I’ll be the first one to support your decision! But please, do not take it in panic, do not take it because you feel the knife close to your throat, do not take it because you think you do not have a choice …

Take it because you’re proud to be a Jew, take it because you want to be part of this unique historical experience which shows that our people are on the ground! Take it because you want to participate in this living miracle which was announced a long time ago! Take it because you want to pick up the pieces of your soul and be able to breathe freely as a Jew …

Many people attribute to Israel the role of Light of the Nations … But can it illuminates if it is itself not aware of its light?

Some Arabs of Islam and Christians of the West tremble to see that light illuminate the world … Have we blinded ourselves? Have we forgotten what guide the world?

Israel offers to us – as individuals and as Jewish people – the ability to rewrite history and to resume full possession of it. This same history that has been ridiculed so often in the past … Today, for the first time in so long, instead of running away, we have the opportunity to look up and walk right towards our destiny, which is closely linked to the one of this country, to the one of this land.

So please, without panic or drama … Take the time to look in the mirror and decide if you are ready for this fabulous adventure that is offered to you, that of living on our land as a people with our own identity. If so, do not get lost in the illusion that you will be safer in Israel … but be sure you’ll be closer to your identity, and that’s already a huge step!

Nathalie Garson


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